Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Facebook 25 Copy and Paste Operation

1. My family is the most important aspect of my life. I love them immensely. I am trying to expand my storge into a universal platonic eros for all others.

2. On the yin side of my inner Tao, I am Batman in the most symbolic sense.

3. I plan to be fluent in both Mandarin and Spanish by the time I am thirty.

4. I am currently living in a suburb city in southern China. I am much more happier here in this traffic-free, full of fried rice and flawless-faced fuyen zone.

5. I have traveled to thirteen different countries. The Egyptian pyramids are legit, Thailand stripperss can accurately shoot darts out of their snatches, and don’t trust a man named Mustafa in Morocco to give you marijuana. He will take you into his home, be a cordial gentleman, and then gyp you with oregano.

6. I am extremely interested in the other dimensions. If space is infinite, then time is probably infinite as well. If so, then that means that there are an infinite amount of instances currently occurring that are completely different than our current existence as well as another universe being the exact same minus particle two. Watch this:
This shit’ll make your brain shittle.

7. A good chunk of random people believe(d) I was/am the next Jesus tittyfuckin’ Christ. It’s been an intense past eight months. I just inaudibly explain to them that we’re all capable of achieving this Christ Consciousness as long as we acknowledge our Jung’s shadowy anima and rise above it with our positive actions.

8. I really enjoyed my time on the cruise ship, the MV Explorer, but I regret not making more real connections with certain people and still not letting go to reveal my true self. I now realize that it was one of my final catalysts to bust me out of my final boy phase.

9. I am addicted to the internets (digg, reddit, youtube, facebook) and my computer so much that I removed the battery from my laptop and just use the power chord because I know it will just drain and devalue. It’s a test of patience every time the chord is accidentally knocked out of its socket.

10. I have recently begun to meditate every day. As a result, I have had the most epic dreams for the past few weeks. I keep a dream journal next to my Mickey Mouse futon.

11. I have five journals. A dream journal, a personal journal, a spiritual journal/public lesson plan, and a blog.

12. I like to freestyle rap ethic theories, philosophies, and hidden infos in my radiohead as I listen to my iPod.

13. I plan on getting a tattoo of the character 家 which each stroke being a different word in various languages or a symbol important to me.

14. This little man, my godson, is awesome. Look at that stem-celler go!

15. I over analyze everything in my writings so much that I rarely get around to publishing it on paper/screen. I’m getting better.

16. I am about to move into a three-bedroom apartment with a balcony, an extra large kitchen, an eight-chaired dining table, and a mahjong room for only the equivalent of $220 US. High class.

17. As of late, whatever I imagine in my head, whether it be a classification in language or an image of my creativity, is perceived by those with their open inner eye. Sometimes it’s cool, but mostly it’s a challenge it live with a real radiohead.

18. I strongly believe that the super secret satanic organization called the Illuminati are responsible for many global negativities going on in the world. The treasonous 9/11 event, global warming hoaxing, (although that’s a complicated issue (but what’s not? (I’ll tell you—the rules of parentheses))) and the Obama Disillusionment are a few examples. Much to their dismay, I have personally communicated with a lot of the underlings and they have opened up my eyes to a much broader and alternative view of the world. I am always happy to share my ideas and experiences although I doubt many will believe my story to be true. But to be fair, I wouldn’t concede a trust flag if the opposite said old marines were taking pictures of him at work without proof. “Prove it,” they always say. I’m on my way. It’s my main physical reality objective in life to disband this group by exposure and information.

19. I am having my people (aka my Mom) convert a third of my financial resources into gold. That will be the only real cash money soon enough.

20. The happiest and most sublimely serene moment of my life was when I sat alone on the lawn at Philmont watching the sunset right after an exhilarating game of Ultimate Frisbee. Peace-time.

21. I think that life is just a giant symphony of this Yahweh character. He’s up there (and around here) chilling in the eleventh dimension observing the tiny lifetrons vibrating to his tune.

22. I love playing (facebook) chess. Let me know if you’re up for a beatdown.

23. I’m creating plans and positions for all my homies/generals and worldly conscious friends to be enacted once I return to my beloved America to be a leader in the revolution. It’s coming sooner than you think.

24. At the moment, I am a kindergarten teacher for little Chinese kids. It’s fun and full of real-time training. Plus, I can say in my best Fat Bastard voice, “I’m gonna eat ya!” and them little niggas love it!

25. I look forward to/enjoy experiencing the next evolution of consciousness up to the year 2012 and beyond.