Sunday, March 1, 2009


I have been doing everything I can to improve myself here. It's discipline.

Every action has a purpose. Every body and mind movement is necessary to shoot the arrow from the bow. Every minute is utilized to achieve maximum efficiency. I study my old Chinese book while riding on the bus to my schools in the city. When I get tired, I put on an audiobook to focus on. Focusing or focusing on non-focusing is my methodos. Being not aware is the void.

I now strictly take cold showers.
I've started to do so because the hot water only stays on for a minute before I have to restart it. Also, I've been researching that it's more healthy for an individual for many reasons. It increases the circulation between all parts of your body because it puts the blood flow circulation on double time. It also closes up your pores to allow for clearer skin. It also makes your hair healthier because it contracts the scalp so your hair particles have a more firm grip. Not scientific-sounding, I know, but more often, this way makes more sense. Dirt and oils don't make it to the cuticle crevices. It doesn't bother me as much because I usually work out before I take my showers so it's more of a refreshing cool down. Plus, that moment of the first liquid 冰 is most zen.

I eat almonds and some orange juice before I go to bed. Paramahansa Yogananda suggests so.
I've been rereading a chapter of his Man's Eternal Quest every random moment and highlighting like a madman. So much valuable information and insight! I gain! In all things, I gain! It makes me think how much more valuable this information is knowing that I will share it with my people both in my memoir writings and to my clairaudience members once I return home. It makes me look forward to another baseball game.

I read so much more since the TV is confined to my select downloadable programs on these commercial-less trustworthy torrents.
I am reading 1421: The Year China Discovered America (title-explained) and one of my old textbooks, The Modern World which has famous essays and articles from all major thinkers in that time period. I still don't understand how we're postmodern or even sometimes post-post modern. Are we living in the future? Probably not. I have to keep reminding myself time doesn't exist. The Losties and Heroes are understanding this issue on a similar scale.

I meditate for a while every night before slumber time.
It is extremely difficult to think of nothing. When I silently sit, legs crossed, fingers thumbs and pointer fingers barely connected, I find myself always judging my thoughts. It's not so much in a negative way, but it won't turn off. Of course, with everything, I am getting better. When in public, I am much more capable as to keep my thoughts to myself and when I do decide to open up my channel, it is usually positive thoughts. It's amazing how people will instantly call on you when you make one slip up. I guess every one else needs to judge too. They/We feel the need to separate ourselves from one another. Create our own identity. "This is who I am because I am different than that." All of this theory is temporary.

I've been trying to go to bed at midnight, but this commitment seems to be the most difficult to keep.
I always have something to do. Even though there is usually no one here to take my mind away from my tasks, I always find something to keep me up. It could be that last youtube video about how to whistle with your fingers. It could be that I must check to see if it's my turn to move that knight. It could be that I just want to finish that movie I watch periodically throughout the day. There's always something to keep me going.

I study on my computer two hours a day.
I am devouring this language and trying to think of everything in characters. With this ease, I realize I'll definitely be fluent in two years. One of my coworkers says that I'll be proficient in six more months. We're always working together. She throws out new vocab at me and I continually correct her grammar and pronunciation. Even though it's not easy to memorize it all, I do enjoy the work. It makes me think of all the other languages I can learn. I've long ago decided that I want to be fluent in Mandarin and Spanish by the time I'm thirty, but now I have a few new goals. After those two languages are wrapped up, I want to get some Arabic under my belt. I really liked the Egyptians' style when I visited there. After I visit the Mayans, I think I will add the Egyptians' culture to my ancient themed repertoire. I've also been contemplating the uses of French (for Africa) and Russian (for their reemergence as a superpower in the future) for my lifetime.

I've been going through a strict work out regimentation.
I either run and do my pullups around the lake or variations of push ups and situps almost every day. UP! A sound mind in a sound body. Always pushing. Just a little more. "Hold it till you can't." Then drop down, wait a few seconds, go back up and hold it some more.

I stretch every night.
It's almost like yoga but I don't know any of the particular moves. It feels really good to do these amazing things to my body. This bag of brownness is quite an amazing vehicle. I want to fix my sinuses so I can breathe one hundred percent clearly. I want to make my elbows stop cracking every time I bend them. I want to align my back perfectly so I don't feel that slight stress on the left side. I want fluidness.

I signed up for a taichi class.
I was hoping for some actual kung fu, fighting lessons, but this is the real deal. It's a different style than what I'm used to. I've been playing basketball here and doing everything in my life that I didn't have time to back in California. There's still that working walking bustle almost every day of the week, but it is compensated by the free-free time. Time to just think. Of course thinking is just culminating and plagiarizing every experience you've had into making a version of this reality that applies to you. Most are ice in this ocean of interconnectivity. I am trying to become the water. To go where normal icies can't yet reach. This evolution is amazing. What's next? Nothing to do, except steam on ahead.

I've been listening to Outliers and Gladwell says that in order to achieve full mastery, one has to invest 10,000 hours in that activity.
This is party why I've gotten down to actually writing again. I have been exercising my mind in it's reactive state for a long time and now I want to practice more by placing myself in the arena of creation.

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Modern Day Drifter said...

I know this is from a long time ago, but I must say you sound like you are really taking your life into your own hands and doing what you truly want. I admire you(if not a little jealous of you) and am glad that you shared your experiences. :)