Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Lowdown

Let me give it to you.

you sit on the internet all day
is that why you exported to china
hell yeah, I study Chinese for four hours a day, work out, eat, take my daily walk, and internet the shit out of this computer
and watch DVDs and all TV shows i've wanted to
it's 3:45 am and I don't give a fuck
haha, yeah, I'm pretty pleased at myself. Moving here was the best decision
I am just not looking forward to February 16 when I start my 6 day work week

I also cook in the morning. And by cook, I mean, throw in all of the leftovers from last night onto a pan on top of a stove that I light with a red handled knife.

It's good to know I'm still in the minds of those at home. This is
Why I love my father. He asked me on Skype if I’ve "been doing your work outs?" I told him "yep, my pushups and situps." "300 a day?" "Almost. Four sets of 60." Good, only 60 more and you’re there." If I had been doing 300. He would bump it up to a full circle.

And I'm glad I'm keeping up with the homies back home. I have Adium (that's the 3 musketeer of chat programs so I can talk to my newly made msn mistresses) for some and facebook chess for others. I've even been keeping up the email 球。

I am really getting into the language business. Once I get my own apartment I plan on sticky noting every tangible item with its character and pronunciation. 发音 is key to pro status. I've been doing everything to have Mandarin encircling (such a great phrase, "Mandarin Encircling." That or "Buddhist Media" is going to be the name of my new band. I've always wanted a band and every one knows you gotta have the right 名字) my head at all times. I've got Mrs. Rosetta Stone, my primary 老师 always on the MacBook ready. She gets a little help from the Dragon dictionary and this online essential. My iPod is full of audio lesson podcasts which I enjoy on my half hour bus ride into the city. My iPhone takes the noodles (because, in old school abacus using times, noodles were eaten instead of the western styled cake to celebrate a person's birthday because it symbolized long life) because it holds a dictionary, a flashcard app, and even a word search.

And now the sun shall get high and I get low.

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